Zfeelz - live at Monteray, Kyiv

Zfeelz - Newer entries to the scene but quick to gather fans.

ZFeelZ – Live at Monteray, Kyiv – 2020 – Past Daily Soundbooth: Rock Without Borders: Listening Ukraine

Zfeelz - live at Monteray, Kyiv
Zfeelz – Newer entries to the scene but quick to gather fans.

Zfeelz – Live at The Monteray – January 25, 2020 – Band recording –

Some of the newer bands coming out of Ukraine this week. Zfeelz are relatively new, having gotten started in 2017 and doing their first gig in 2019 while they were all still in high school.

Here’s an excerpt of an article written about them by Sergey Usik in Neformat, a Ukraine music publication from June of last year:

ZFeelZ appeared as a band in 2017, but talked about them only in 2019 after successfully participating in the School Bands Battle competition, where they received a special prize. At that time, high school students did not miss their chance and shot a video for the song “Man”, which raised the topic of feminism, which intrigued the audience, and with the release of the three-song mini-album “Waves of Shards” finally declared themselves as a promising band. has serious plans and has something to say. In order not to retell ZFeelZ ‘s biography , I suggest you read the interviews of the participants , but I would like to focus in more detail on the new mini-album, which, by the way, was raised through a crowdfunding campaign .

Compared to the previous mini-album “Waves of Shards”, the new release sounds more difficult, both musically and lyrically. If the previous work could be included in the party and, without hesitation, just dancing and having fun (although the release is really serious, but this “seriousness” was a bit hidden behind the music), then in the case of “All Viewers Are Confused” there may be some feeling confused and confused by what he heard.

It would seem: a bright cover, indie rock in the tags – what is not music for the party? It is here that the listener receives the song “Shame” about a personal rethinking of the relationship with the theme of religion and God. Or a song about fear and sexual violence, which was saved for the final part of the release as a control shot. Still want to have fun?

Enjoy the gig – sounds a bit rough in places, but there’s a lot of energy there – so it makes up for the fuzzy bits.

All the bands I’ve been posting have been running links to websites in support of Ukraine – one that you really need to check out is this one https://www.comebackalive.in.ua/. There are links to donate and get information. Everyone is in the same boat and they really need your help whether it’s chipping in – supporting the bands themselves or just telling your friends and keeping the word-of-mouth going, it all makes a huge difference. Nobody can afford to drop the ball on this one – it’s too precious and it means too much. So do what you can.

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