Germany Army - Eastern Front

Judging by the Eastern Front - a Second Front would be ideal.

May 2, 1942 – Rumors About Mandalay – The Secret Movement Against Hitler – Pondering A Second Front.

Germany Army - Eastern Front
Judging by the Eastern Front – a Second Front would be ideal.

News Of The World – NBC – May 2, 1942 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

May 2, 1942 – Despite weather, it was a busy day on the fighting fronts around the world. From the Pacific came rumors that Mandalay had fallen to the Japanese. In an address, Adolf Hitler warned against the presence of a “secret army” infiltrating German factories, whose purpose was to unionize and call for an end to the war and that there was evidence of a growing resistance to the war by the German civilian population. Many felt nothing would materialize until the German Army started losing badly, and by all intents and purposes, it was as far as the Eastern Front was concerned. Reports from Moscow indicated that snipers were responsible for a wave of mass casualties with as many as 5,000 German troops killed in a single day along the Eastern Front. Other reports told of Russian POW’s escaping prison camps, many with the aid of German soldiers guarding the camps. The reports came from Swedish radio and weren’t substantiated but also indicated in one camp, 20 POW’s were caught and returned out of an estimated 1200 escapees.

Bad weather held up bombing runs on both Germany and Britain with some British activity confined to raiding Ports in France and Denmark.

And calls for opening a Second Front were getting louder. The only thing holding a Second Front back was shipping, a much needed element in transport and supply for an invasion. The U.S. was scrambling to meet goals and was well on its way to accomplishing the near impossible, but it was all a matter of time, which in some circles there was precious little of.

And that’s just a small slice of what happened, this May 2nd 1942 as reported by NBC’s News Of The World.

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