Mandalay - May 1942

After days of rumor and speculation, Mandalay was now in Japanese hands.

May 3, 1942 – Confirming Rumors About Mandalay – A Mock Invasion – An Expectation Turkey To Join Axis.

Mandalay - May 1942
After days of rumor and speculation, Mandalay was now in Japanese hands.

– News – May 3, 1942 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

May 3, 1942 – after days of rumor and speculation, Voice Of China reported that Mandalay had indeed been captured by the Japanese amid much confusion and false reporting. Reports made it official that the Japanese 18th Infantry Division captured Mandalay, Burma. 300 kilometers the northeast, Japanese and Chinese troops clashed at Hsenwi. 50 miles west of Mandalay, Japanese troops blocked the British retreat at Monywa on the Chindwin River and then attacked from the rear by surprise, capturing the headquarters of the 1st Burma Division.

The Mandalay loss was a blow to the Allies since Japanese forces invaded Burma intending to cut through to China the road that was the only remaining transport route between Asia and Europe. By then, the south along with the city of Rangoon and the main river valleys of Burma would provide enough space for the Japanese Army to advance north.

In other news – London defenses were being tested with a mock invasion by parachutists and airborne troops. The attacking forces were supposed to be trying to seize key government offices and Buckingham Palace. Regular troops and Home Guards were defending the Westminster area of London. The invasion exercise was begun by Fifth columnists and sabotage experts. They dressed in British service and Civil Defense uniforms. Sent fake messages and tried to assassinate Britains military and political leaders. Umpires were on hand when some supposed Fifth Columnists penetrated the War Office, and others tried to find the whereabouts of the Royal Family.

Reports from German Radio by way of Stockholm claimed Turkey was going to join the Axis “at some date”. This was based on a report in the Hamburg Press based on a recent visit by a reporter from the paper who had returned from Turkey. This report was on the heels of a U.S. disclosure that both Iraq and Iran were to be recipients of Lend-Lease. Turkey was an active trading partner with the Axis and even had a press bureau office in Berlin. It was predicted that Turkey would become an Axis ally sometime after the Spring offensive in the Caucusus.

And that’s a little of what went on, this May 3rd in 1942 as reported by NBC’s News Of The World.

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