Shame - live at The Biggest Weekend, Belfast - 2018

Shame - Nothing like hitting your stride right in the middle of a Pandemic.

Shame – Live At The Biggest Weekend, Belfast 2018 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Shame - live at The Biggest Weekend, Belfast - 2018
Shame – Nothing like hitting your stride right in the middle of a Pandemic.

Shame – live at The Biggest Weekend, Belfast – May 26, 2018 – BBC 6 Music –

Shame in concert tonight – live from The Biggest Weekend in Belfast from May 2018 and recorded by BBC 6 Music. Any other band, their fortunes would have been the stuff of drama, but with Shame, just hitting your stride in the middle of a Pandemic only seemed to work in their favor.

This concert comes three months after the release of their debut album, Songs Of Praise. Lots of critical praise and lots of gigging. And then they started working on the follow up, Drunk Tank Pink, getting it ready for release in January 2021. One small catch; the world was smack in the middle of lockdown with COVID raging world wide. It was somewhat ironic because the album is laced with songs about alienation, isolation and claustrophobia, all written before the Pandemic made its mark. The result has been another well received album with a band now primed to hit the road for a tour starting in Spain on May 22nd and heading over to the U.S. until September when the band returns to Europe and finally back in the UK.

Having gotten a reputation as the typical Post-Punk chaos merchants, the intervening years have been mellowing for the most part. Rather than trash hotel rooms, they are now quietly going about their business until showtime.

Lucky for everyone, since the more-or-less end of the Pandemic, people have been chafing at the bit to let off steam, and Shame is just the band to help out.

I suspect we’ll be hearing a lot more about them in the future – so to get caught up, here is that performance from The Biggest Weekend Festival in Belfast from May 26, 2018.

Play loud.

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