Jesca Hoop - in session for Marc Riley - 2010

Jesca Hoop - In that perpetual state of wonderment and transformation

Jesca Hoop – In Session – 2010 – Past Daily Weekend Soundbooth

Jesca Hoop - in session for Marc Riley - 2010
Jesca Hoop – In that perpetual state of wonderment and transformation.

Jesca Hoop – in session for Marc Riley – April 24, 2010 – BBC 6 Music –

Jesca Hoop in session for Marc Riley at BBC 6 Music tonight. Recorded on April 24, 2010. Born in Santa Rosa California and now living in Manchester in the UK, Jesca Hoop is one of those artists who is in a constant state of perpetual change, which is probably why her music is so engaging. With over five albums to her credit Hoop’s style has been characterized as largely experimental with folk, rock, and electronic influences. Her early mentor, Tom Waits, described it as, “like a four-sided coin. She is an old soul, like a black pearl, a good witch or a red moon. Her music is like going swimming in a lake at night”.

She often finds that, “I have an identity crisis every time I write a catalogue of songs, I think: what is this music? Where does it fit?”. She explained her tendency to move between a number of styles as, “I am impressed by the power of music and its ability to transform the vessel it enters. I am everyday affected by it. If I want to change my mood, I change my music”.

Jesca Hoop has a tradition of reimagining and rerecording her own albums and having previously created beautifully stark versions of her albums “Kismet” and “Hunting my Dress” it is the turn of “The House That Jack Built”. Recorded in her Manchester based home-built studio in December 2020, these intimate and immediate reworkings shine the spotlight on Hoops intricate, complex song writing with her astonishing vocals front and center.

If you aren’t already familiar, hit the play button and relax. If you are, you don’t need any prompting from me anyway.

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