You and your pals

Your pals - one for all and all for one - or something like that.

It’s June 1967 – You’re A Teenager – You Live In L.A. – Last Day Of School – Summer Vacation – You And Your Pals – Life Is Good.

You and your pals
Your pals – one for all and all for one – or something like that.

KBLA – William F. Williams – June 16, 1967 – Rob Frankel Collection –

Look at these guys – to the untrained eye they seem like a motley bunch of kids – a couple look like trouble – a couple look like they spend their lives studying and a couple just look confused.

But you’ve known these guys since third grade – you live within a few blocks of each other. You spend most weekends together and every summer – not doing anything, just hanging around listening to records or going to the movies. You would take a bullet for these guys – and most of them would probably take a bullet for you too (although you don’t really want to find out). You’re convinced you’re going to know each for the long haul – be a bunch of old farts together. All get married – all have kids – all stay friends – all live a few blocks from each other. All take summer vacations together. That’s the plan.

Yeah. That can happen. You’re tight. Everybody knows what everybody else is up to – you’ve got no secrets. Nothing’s going to bust you up. Ever.

Well . . .two of you did get accepted to UCLA – the rest of you didn’t. One got accepted to UC Berkeley and one got accepted to Oberlin, and that’s a couple thousand miles away. You haven’t gotten accepted anyplace yet.

So, come January you’re all going to graduate and head off in different directions – but that’s next year. Next year is somewhere in a future you don’t know anything about. But you’ve got your pals now and you’ve got summer now and you’ve got the beach and parties and adventures starting tomorrow – that’s as close to the future as you want to care about.

You’re going to look pretty funny as old guys – but you don’t know that for sure – just a hunch. You can just imagine.

Good times – honest.

And for that last day of school in 1967 you were probably listening to KBLA and diving into some rather far-out music from William F. Williams.

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