Paul McCartney & Wings - Wings Over Europe Tour - 1972

Paul McCartney & Wings - Wings Over Europe Tour 1972.

Paul McCartney & Wings – In Concert – 1972 – Past Daily Weekend Backstage Pass

Paul McCartney & Wings - Wings Over Europe Tour - 1972
Paul McCartney & Wings – Wings Over Europe Tour 1972.

Paul McCartney & Wings – Wings Over Europe ’72 – Antwerp, Belgium – The Hague – Amsterdam, The Netherlands – August 20-22, 1972 – Band Soundboard recordings –

McCartney aficionados don’t need to scramble for reference books to find out about this one. It’s been around for a while, in various forms and no doubt you already have it. I’m running it this weekend because Sir Paul is currently knee-deep in his latest Got Back tour and everyone whose been in the audience has expressed nothing short of bliss for having attended. So I thought I would bring back a reminder of an early tour; fifty years ago, to be exact.

Entire volumes have been devoted to McCartney in the studio and on the road – so I don’t need to add anything to the pot, save for the fact this is an early incarnation of Wings, the first actual band (as opposed to a backup ensemble) and comes around the time just after Wild Life was released and before Red Rose Speedway. The recordings come by way of the band soundboard and is a little disjointed in places – not to mention some tracks fade out and suddenly fade in. It’s a little rusty in spots and that’s because it wasn’t meant to be anything other than a transcription of a series of concerts that were all part of the Wings Over Europe Tour in 1972. But this is a historic document and one of the few earlier examples of McCartney jumping into a new phase of career.

It’s also almost 50 years ago and that gives one pause. It does me, anyway.

Enjoy the show and hopefully you got, or will get to see Paul McCartney in this latest tour.

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