Charlie Haden

Charlie Haden - consummate game changer.

Charlie Haden – Liberation Music Orchestra – Live in Berlin – 1982 – Past Daily Downbeat

Charlie Haden
Charlie Haden – consummate game changer.

Charlie Haden – Liberation Music Orchestra, featuring Carla Bley – Live in Berlin – November 4, 1982 – RBB Berlin –

Charlie Haden and The Liberation Music Orchestra this weekend. You can take the name of the band a whole bunch of different ways; political and social. For me, Charlie Haden’s music represents a freeing up, a liberating of oneself from old concepts, a changing atmosphere and landscape and a meeting place of some of the great practitioners of forward thinking music and ideas in one place.

I left the German announcer in on this broadcast because he gives you a rundown on who is joining in, and it makes perfect sense. Individually, I have always felt the individual accomplishments by the likes of Charlie Haden, Dewey Redman, Carla Bley and Paul Motian put them at the forefront of substantial leaps-forward in Jazz – and hard as it may seem that this concert is forty years old, the freshness and vitality make this timeless.

I remember hearing their debut album on Impulse in the early 1970s and being blown away by how vital and imperative it was. Forty years later, it hasn’t changed. Still vital, still imperative, still limitless.

It’s a sign Music is doing it’s job when that happens – I think its incumbent on the artist to be true to their point of view, to feel the necessity to make a difference – to spread the message. It’s what makes Music in general the great potential for a spiritual experience – notes are essential stepping-off points and how you shape them feeds the journey.

That’s why music and its discovery is an on-going quest – and if you think it’s not important, be without it for a day.

Charlie Haden certainly has made his mark – he is no longer with us (at least the physical part) but his spiritual legacy will be with us for a very very long time.

Hit the Play button and see where you go.

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