The Breeders - Live at Biggest Weekend - Bristol

The Breeders - Welcome to the neighborhood.

The Breeders – In Concert – 2018 – Past Daily Soundbooth

The Breeders - Live at Biggest Weekend - Bristol
The Breeders – Welcome to the neighborhood.

The Breeders – live at Biggest Weekend, Bristol – May 2018 – BBC 6 Music

The Breeders in concert – an excerpt from their 2018 appearance at Biggest Weekend in Belfast from BBC 6 Music.

Certainly one of my favorite American bands, The Breeders have always been a few cuts above what else has been going on. The writing is gritty, raw, intensely personal and deeply satisfying on a lot of levels and I confess to being a fan from their first album on.

There is something about this band that makes for compelling listening. Maybe it’s their point of view; the unvarnished glimpse of life on life’s terms – the uncanny resilience of the human spirit – laying everything out, exposed nerve-endings and all. I think that’s what’s attracted me to The Breeders (and the offshoots, side-projects and alumni) – the level of reality and clear vision is so much a part of their sound and their whole approach. Plus they’ve been a stepping off place to discoveries of sister bands; Throwing Muses, Belly, Kristen Hirsh, Fifty Foot Wave. It’s a whole sub-genre, one that’s quintessentially American.

Sadly, this is only an 8 minute snippet of the whole set, it’s all I have at the moment, but it’s memorable. It’s evocative and memorable, even for this short a sample .

If you’re not familiar – I would urge you to take the next 8 minutes and do nothing – just hit the Play button and listen. Nobody quite like them – and they certainly don’t prompt ambivalence.

Go exploring. You’ll thank me in the morning.

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2 thoughts on “The Breeders – In Concert – 2018 – Past Daily Soundbooth

  1. Hi,

    it’s been a while now that I listen to (mostly) and read “Pastdaily”, and it’s been a joy for me not to be driven away from your site by annoying ads that kill this experience and, moreover, would have killed the site’s credibility. A big “Thank You!” for going back to “normal” circumstances, where you can be sure to not be pushed by cheap and noisy business makers who do their “best” to distract you.

    Two things, however:

    As I’m writing this, I was obliged to do it in a text editor, because the black background in the comment’s text fields doesn’t allow to see what I’m writing (in “Safari”/Mac). Even changing my system’s “color” from black to white doesn’t change that. Only after having finished writing in one text field and changing to the next, I can see what I have written. Would be nice to change that.

    Second thing:

    Pushing the “Donate” button (yes, I did) stops the music I came here for. Isn’t that real crap? (Sorry!) As if my mission was finally completed (“Hey man! He paid. You can stop it.”)

    Would perhaps be even nicer to change this behavior into opening a new browser tab or page instead of just changing the page’s content. (Something that annoys me on “YouTube” every time I go there.)

    Apart from that: “Thank you for the music!” and all your efforts (Yes I often read those political articles, and I DO appreciate them, even if they will never give me what music can give me.)

    Have a lot of nice days.


    1. Thanks for your comments – I’m trying to see how we can work around the stopping of the music while the donate button is being employed. It sounds like something that could be a Word Press issue, but I will look into that. That said, if you go via Patreon, you can download the music and not worry about the music stopping, ever. Just saying.

      Thanks again for your support and your kind words – so much appreciated.


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