Russian offensive at Kharkov

Russian Troops at Kharkov - breakthroughs and glimmers of hope.

May 25, 1942 – The Kharkov Front – Raids Over Rabaul – Gas Rationing On The Home Front.

Russian offensive at Kharkov
Russian Troops at Kharkov – breakthroughs and glimmers of hope.

– May 25, 1942 – NBC News Of The World – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

May 25, 1942, news from many war fronts this day. The lead story was the Russian offensive on the all important Kharkov front, as Marshall Timoshenko launched assaults in several sectors. Russian news reported fighting to be particularly heavy in the sector to the southeast, where earlier the Nazis had forced the Red troops on to the offensive. As of this broadcast, the Russians were regaining ground that the Germans had taken by way of driving a wedge into red lines along one sector of the Kharkov front.

Meanwhile, in the South Pacific front; The Allied air forces cracked the Japanese airdrome at Rabaul in New Britain, in what was called one of the heaviest and most successful raids that were launched in that sector. Medium Bombers were able to penetrate the thick curtain of anti-aircraft fire to hit and destroy numerous Japanese planes on the ground, with some 20 bombs landing successfully and destroying some 20 Japanese bombers and setting many others on fire. One allied plane was hit, and at last report was losing altitude quickly, with hopes the crew were able to parachute to safety.

On the home front. The headache over the rationing of gasoline caused some to consider the Australian solution; A charcoal gas producer, using charcoal as the fuel source. It was considered to be ideal for short distances and city driving. But it wasn’t practical for long distances or for speeds over 50 miles per hour. It also required a weekly clean out of the makeshift stove attached to the side of the car as the capacity of most burners was 50 pounds of coal. Still . . it was a thought and it was a possible solution if gash shortages got desperate enough.

All that, and a lot more happening this May 25th in 1942, as reported by NBC’s News Of The World.

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