Lars Erik Larsson

Lars Erik Larsson - A composer with an eclectic range.

Sten Frykberg And The Swedish Radio Symphony Play Music Of Lars Erik Larsson – 1948 – Past Daily Weekend Gramophone

Lars Erik Larsson
Lars Erik Larsson – A composer with an eclectic range.

Sten Frykberg and The Swedish Radio Symphony – In Concert – 1948 – Sveriges Radio – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

Music of Lars Erik Larsson this weekend. His Pastorale in a performance featuring the Swedish Radio Symphony conducted by Sten Frykberg and recorded by Swedish Radio in 1948.

Larsson lived in Södra Ängby in Bromma ( Stockholm ), on Lidingö and in 1971 he moved to Helsingborg, where he worked as a free and independent composer . He was a frequent guest in Helsingborg’s concert hall all way up until his death on December 27, 1986.

From 1932 he taught music in Malmö and Lund. He worked as a music critic in Lunds Dagblad from 1933–1937 . He was employed in 1937 as conductor and music producer at Radiotjänst , a position he held until 1954. He was 1947–1959 the first professor of composition at the current Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm and Director of music at Uppsala University 1961–1965. Larsson was a member of the board for 1939–63Swedish Composers’ Association , 1942–1947 as vice chairman.

As a composer, Larsson is best known for his orchestral works, but also wrote chamber music , works for piano and romances . He also wrote music for 22 films and also some hit songs. Larsson made his international breakthrough as a composer through the performance of the Sinfonietta for string orchestra at the ISCM Festival in Florence on April 5, 1934, where it was given a standing ovation. His most played and loved works are probably Disguised God for Choir and Orchestra to lyrics by Hjalmar Gullberg and Pastoralsvit.

Here is Pastrale by Lars Erik Larsson, as performed by the Swedish Radio Symphony conducted by Sten Frykberg in this 1948 broadcast.

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