Russian Troops In Kabul

Russian troops in Afghanistan - According to Moscow, things were looking wonderful.

May 31, 1981 – Reaching A Compromise Tax Cut – Russia Claiming Progress In Afghanistan – A Funeral In Warsaw

Russian Troops In Kabul
Russian troops in Afghanistan – According to Moscow, things were looking wonderful.

May 31, 1981 – CBS Hourly News – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

May 31, 1981 – The last day of May and the world was busy going about its business. On Capitol Hill the word was on the tax cut and the Reagan White House adamant that a bill was going to happen with or without support of the Democrats. The race was on to find those GOP leaning Democrats and twist arms where need be. Still, it was far from a done-deal, but President Reagan was hopeful.

Meanwhile, in Afghanistan – Rebels claimed the Russian Army was not in control of as much as they would like the rest of the world to believe, holding only the main cities and highways. However Moscow was quick to dispel the Mujahideen side of the story in favor of what were very upbeat reports on the ground. Russia was in control and the Afghans were happy about it.

There was more fighting in Beirut this day between Christian and Muslim forces. Syria held Civil Defense drills in expectation by the the Syrian government of an Israeli attack. Israel responded it would continue its attacks only on guerrilla bases inside Lebanon.

And in Poland, the body of Cardinal Vishinsky was carried to a crypt in St. John’s Cathedral and laid to rest in Warsaw this day. As many as a quarter-million Poles crammed into Victory Square for an outdoor Requiem Mass for the Cardinal. There was a Homily from Pope John Paul II but the expected announcement of a successor to be Primate of Poland did not materialize.

And that’s just a little of what went on, this May 31st in 1981 as presented by George Herman and CBS Radio Network News.

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