Jeff Beck - Johnny Depp

Jeff Beck with Johnny Depp - Letting the music do the talking.

Jeff Beck With Johnny Depp – Live At Royal Albert Hall – May 30, 2022 – Past Daily Soundbooth.

Jeff Beck - Johnny Depp
Jeff Beck with Johnny Depp – Letting the music do the talking.

Jeff Beck with Johnny Depp – live at Royal Albert Hall – May 30, 2022 – Band Soundboard –

Since Past Daily is about current events and Popular Culture just as much as events and Culture in the past, running this concert tonight seemed like diving into a bit of living history – one I suspect we’ll be revisiting five or maybe ten years from now.

No doubt most of you have heard the goings on the past several weeks – either voluntarily or involuntarily by way of all sorts of media; social and mainstream. Yes, there was a trial – yes, it lasted six weeks – yes, it was probably the biggest career break for the Legal Pundits on YouTube feeds and yes, it was strange.

But we’re not going to talk about the trial tonight – I’m not here to solicit opinions, entertain conspiracies or discuss the difference between compensatory and punitive damages – none of that.

Tonight it’s the music and what started out as a surprise appearance by Johnny Depp during Jeff Beck‘s appearance in Sheffield has resulted in Johnny Depp joining Beck on his current tour which is slated to dot various venues in the UK before heading on to the Continent and ending up in Paris on July 25th at l’Olympia.

Clearly, this was a much needed time-out from the trial for Depp, and the Jury heading into the Verdict phase was the perfect excuse to get out of town for a while – away from the press and doing what he loves – you can’t blame him – and he is as easily at home on stage as he is on a film set. And the audience is clearly enjoying it.

The set (or Depp’s portion of it) runs just a hair over 30 minutes. Jeff Beck is a legend – he hasn’t lost his touch and he still delivers the goods as he always has.

So if you’ve heard about this gig and haven’t heard it yet – now’s your chance. Depp handles himself nicely and the audience roars approval – and now you get to hear it.

Play reasonably loud – it’s a good show no matter what.

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