Lani Guinier

Lani Guinier - Mud and hot potatoes.

June 3, 1993 – The Lani Guinier Question – The Same Old Koreas – An Angel Of Death In Riverside.

Lani Guinier
Lani Guinier – Mud and hot potatoes.

June 3, 1993 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

June 3, 1996 – Much going on at Capitol Hill this day. Lani Guinier, Bill Clinton’s nominee for top Civil Rights Enforcer was taking on an aura of distant memory as Republican members of Congress were lining up to take shots at her track record as a way of sinking any chance of confirmation. In her defense, Lani Guinier fired back, accusing the rumor mill of doing what it does best; death by innuendo. She cited several unsubstantiated reports including an accusation she took extreme views on granting Minority Rights in the area of quotas. Guinier demanded a Senate hearing in order to address those claims. Clinton offered a half-hearted pledge of support, although he confessed to aides that her nomination to become Assistant Attorney General was doomed. The official line was CLinton was still “100% behind” Guinier’s nomination.

Speaking of Capitol Hill – President Clinton was going to delay his push to address the issue of a higher minimum wage out of fear of antagonizing Conservative members of Congress while trying to get his economic plan passed. Sources were quoted as saying the issue would most likely be re-addressed in the coming year.

Talks regarding the state of affairs between North and South Korea and the U.S. were sputtering and lurching, but nothing concrete was emerging as a solution to the decades-old issue. U.S. and North Korean diplomats were holding a rare set of talks at the UN in New York. After seven hours, the best that emerged was an agreement they would met again the following day.

And in Riverside, California the body of an elderly Cancer patient was found to have lethal doses of Morphine and Codeine. The body was exhumed after nurse Darleen Leon was accused of administering lethal doses to over 17 patients.

And that’s just a small sample of what went on, this 3rd day of June in 1993 as reported by The CBS World News Roundup.

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