Dorota Kuszewska of The Blind Suns

Dorota Kuszewska of The Blind Suns - And how are the waves in Gdansk?

The Blind Suns – Live In Paris – 2017 – Past Daily Soundbooth – Rock Without Borders.

Dorota Kuszewska of The Blind Suns
Dorota Kuszewska of The Blind Suns – And how are the waves in Gdansk?

The Blind Suns – Live In Paris – November 10, 2017 – Band Soundboard –

The Blind Suns to end the week on a high note. A perennial favorite for a few years now – thanks to touring (save for the unintended layoff due to COVID) making appearances Stateside at SXSW the past few years running and doing live sessions on KEXP and making up for lost time by doing a criss-cross tour all over Europe and Poland which started back in March with an appearance (again) at SXSW – Blind Suns are slowly getting the word out – doing it the old-fashioned way; the slog; hitting every venue that will have them, playing their hearts out, doing meets-and-greets in the venue lobbies to hawk releases and swag and gathering fans along the way. I have become an admirer of the band, not just because the hybrid surf-psych combination hits me where it does the most good, they are dedicated and in it for the long haul and their energy is absolutely refreshing. In short, this isn’t a band to miss.

So far, they’ve been sticking pretty much to Austin Texas for the U.S. leg of their tours, with appearances in Idaho and Montana – they’re missing a bet not heading a bit further West and playing any one of a number of venues in L.A. and Hollywood that would be perfect for them. I hope they take the plunge and head to the West Coast next time.

But tonight it’s a gig from Paris, at a reasonably small club (about the size of The Whiskey in Hollywood, if that gives you some idea) and they deliver the goods with the same conviction and energy at a small club just as much as a large venue. This is definitely a band that you need to check out.

And you can start by hitting the Play button and cranking it up. It’s heading into the weekend afterall.

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