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A Word Or Two From Walt Disney – 1941 – Past Daily Weekend Pop Chronicles

Walt Disney – In his element: Kids and Sound Effects.

Walt Disney Meets The Quiz Kids – April 14, 1941 NBC Blue Network – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

A few words from Walt Disney this weekend, along with a precocious batch of adolescents called The Quiz Kids, a whole galaxy of Disney Cartoon characters and wall-to-wall sound effects, all wrapped up in this 15 minute radio special broadcast over the Blue Network of NBC on April 14, 1941.

Walt Disney was already a household name by the time of this broadcast. Having scored a major success with the release of Snow White in 1937. But by 1941 things were not going all that well. Pinocchio and Fantasia were released in 1940 to less than stellar success, due largely to the start of the War in Europe and the dramatic loss of revenue from those countries consumed by the war. And later on in 1941 (May until September) a strike of animators that lasted three months and 29 days.

But this program has nothing to do with that. Rather, it’s a promotion for The Quiz Kids, whose very popular children’s program was going to be broadcasting from the West Coast and various luminaries were on hand to lend support.

The program is a showcase for the cast of characters in Disney’s Cartoons – and Disney plays the good-natured tour guide, answering the kids questions and introducing them to the popular names behind the voices.

It’s a fast paced 15 minutes and Disney fans should enjoy this one, especially if you’ve never heard it before.

Here is that broadcast, as it aired on April 14, 1941 over the Blue Network of NBC.

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