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June 6, 1980 – Sprinting To The Convention – Lousy Jobs Report – Tehran And The Crimes Of America Conference.

Crimes Of America Conference – if there was a kitchen sink they’d condemn that too. (UPI Photo).

June 6, 1980 – CBS World News Roundup – Newsbreak – 9:00 am News – The World Tonight – Gordon Skene Sound Collection

June 6, 1980 – Busy day – since it was an election year, candidates were busy locking in delegates for each party’s conventions. John Anderson, who was going the Independent route was busy slamming Ronald Reagan because Reagan was the front runner. Jimmy Carter was meeting with Ted Kennedy at The White House and the campaign season was in full swing.

Meanwhile, on Capitol Hill – the monthly jobs report wasn’t good – in fact it was lousy. Unemployment was hovering around 6%, while reports from Detroit suggested the numbers were much higher since the Auto industry was not doing well at all and workers were being laid off by the thousands. Of course, there were political repercussions and much of the problem was laid right at Jimmy Carter’s feet.

And so was responsibility for the debacle in the Desert in April with the fiasco rescue attempt of the 50 American hostages in Tehran. Military experts were testifying that everything was going according to plan – and if it wasn’t going according to plan (like the sandstorm that brought the operation to a halt and caused the crash of rescue aircraft) – the sandstorm went under the Act Of God clause – so the Pentagon got what amounted to being a pass. Still, it was an embarrassment and a political bungle of massive proportions.

How embarrassing was it? So embarrassing that Tehran was holding a Crimes Of America Conference and using it to air a laundry list that all but included the kitchen sink and weather disturbances. As long as America was the Great Satan, might as well make it worth everybody’s while and Tehran was only happy to oblige.

And that’s a small slice of what went on, this June 6th in 1980 as presented by CBS Radio News.

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