Riots in Seoul

Nobody does riots quite like Seoul does riots.

June 10, 1987 – G-7 Summit: Shoring Up The Economy – 20,000 Riot Police In Seoul – Iran-Contra Hearings Wrap Up Phase One

Riots in Seoul
Nobody does riots quite like Seoul does riots.

June 10, 1987 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

June 10, 1987 – another day in the never-to-disappoint-80s, as this June 10th winds up with a bang. First the G-7 Economic Summit wraps up in Venice, summing up a laundry list of commitments and issued a patchwork communiqué. Duties of summing up the conference was given to Italian Premier Fanfani, who issued a statement of lofty goals aimed at avoiding a global recession and sustaining economic growth. The statement said the 7 would meet regularly to review their economic performances as well as agreed on a six-point plan to reduce their surpluses of agricultural goods and removing national barriers to trade. The 7 also pledged to increase and expand their efforts to fight AIDS, which the group agreed was one of the biggest potential health problems in the world. The group also pledged to better tackle the issue of the Environment.

In some of South Koreas worst political violence in years, thousands and anti-government protestors took to the streets and clashed with riot police in Seoul and other cities around the country. The ruling political party met under heavy guard to endorse ex-general Roh Tai-woo as President Chun Doo-hwan’s successor. The opposition called for a massive rally to protest the successor and also the murder of a studen protestor. The government said the demonstration was illegal and called out some 60,000 riot police, 20,000 in Seoul alone, to quell any demonstrations which took place – the result was predictable and did not disappoint.

And Phase One of the Iran-Contra hearings concluded with promises of more revelations in the offing as Phase Two gets ready to begin on the June 23rd. This first batch of hearings ended with testimony from former Oliver North assistant Fawn Hall.

And that’s just a little of what happened, this June 10, 1987 as reported by the CBS World News Roundup.

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