Tany Donelly

Tanya Donelly of Belly - Heart and Soul and the urgency of it all.

Belly (Tanya Donelly) – Live At Roskilde 1995 – Past Daily Backstage Pass

Tany Donelly
Tanya Donelly of Belly – Heart and Soul and the urgency of it all.

Belly – live at Roskilde Festival 1995 – June 29, 1995 – DR – P4, Copenhagen.

Belly in concert this weekend. Recorded live at Roskilde Festival 1995 on June 29th by Danish Radio (and a Danish announcer who comes in once or twice).

The sheer voracity of Belly and the overwhelming power of Tanya Donelly’s voice have combined to create such a compelling sonic landscape – coupled with some of the most deeply penetrating lyrics make for a truly remarkable listening adventure. Donelly and all the permutations (Belly, Throwing Muses, Kristen Hersh, 50 ft wave and on and on) have been cornerstones. You point to all of them simultaneously and they make it abundantly clear what was great about the 90s (in the U.S.) and what is still great about all the individual projects now.

Even though Belly broke up in 1996, Donelly has pursued a solo career that has kept the message and the intense passion fresh – no sign of letting up anywhere and four albums is clear proof.

That said, Belly have reunited (at least in 2014) and were playing a series of concerts. Donelly also got involved with The Loyal Seas with a debut album out in May of 2020, but COVID hit and changed things – and as of this writing there are no plans for Donelly or The Loyal Seas to tour and “maybe” 2023 something may materialze.

In the meantime – there’s this memorable concert to remind you. A couple spots where the Danish announcer comes on and gives details about the songs just played – but other than that, it’s not a big distraction.

The important thing is to listen and get swept away – perfect activity for a weekend. And oh, that voice . . .!

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