Jon Spencer (photo: Hillymonster)

Jon Spencer - Any more Kinetic he'd combust.

Jon Spencer And The HITmakers – In Session – 2022 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Jon Spencer (photo: Hillymonster)
Jon Spencer – Any more Kinetic he’d combust.

Jon Spencer and The HITmakers – In Session for Marc Riley – June 8, 2022 – BBC 6 Music –

Jon Spencer and The HITmakers in session tonight. Recorded live for the Marc Riley program on June 8th.

With the demise of Jon Spencer’s Blues Explosion earlier this year, time and the infamous COVID-19 Lockdown, Jon Spencer has emerged with yet another incarnation of kinetic wonderment – this time in the form of Jon Spencer and The HITmakers.

Months old and already getting good word of mouth, not to mention already being featured heavily at BBC 6 Music where Spencer has a built-in fan base. Catching COVID earlier this year not withstanding, Spencer has been eager to get the word out. Now that he’s tested negative and appears to be back at full speed, Jon Spencer is wasting no time and has just kicked off a European tour which this session gives some preview of what the audience is going to be getting over the next month. The tour ends (so far) in Rotterdam and then picks up in October in Pittsburgh and proceeds from there.

It’s all coinciding with the release of his latest album and debut as The HITmakers Spencer Gets It Lit, which came out in April and touring officially started on April 11th with a gig in Buffalo (The Rec Room).

Louder Than War said: “Spencer has always injected a dose of the spaced-out blues boy
into his work, but there is still room, within his own vision, to edge closer to something more structured and based on his love of the blues…. The album hits a more constant groove on songs like Primary Baby, a sonic cousin of his best Blues Explosion work, but for the most
part Spencer is bedeviling the listener with the consistency of the unexpected.”

Crank it up and give it a listen – should get your week in a frisky mood.

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