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June 22, 1942 – Officially Confirming Tobruk – A Wedge Into Sevastopol – Guerrilla Resistance In The East Indies.

Sevastopol – Bitter struggle of back and forth.

June 22, 1942 – BBC via Radio Australia – London Calling – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

June 22, 1942 – Although it had already been known for at least a day, word was officially confirmed from London that Tobruk had indeed fallen to German and Italian forces. Reiterating what had been published and broadcast, the official admission finally came that British forces surrendered. Newspapers printed the news, acknowledging that many experienced troops were either lost or captured. But with the news came reaction that it only solidified Britain’s resolve to increase ship-building and strengthened morale to do what needed to be done to defeat the Axis.

News on the Eastern front relayed grim news that German forces had broken through Soviet lines and forged a wedge into Sevastopol after a massive bombardment and air attacks. Resistance had been heavy with severe losses on the German side, however continuing attacks and assaults by German and Italian forces resulted in a Russian retreat. German air attacks on Sevastopol were continuous and the Axis forces were bringing in a constant stream of reinforcements. Soviet News reported Russian troops had repulsed an attack by German attacks in the Kharkov region.

And in the Pacific – it was reported from the Canadian Defense Minister in Ottawa that a Japanese Submarine had shelled Vancouver Island. The report also added that no damage had been done. With confirmation from Washington that Japanese had landed and had taken Kiska, it was reported that a break in the weather made it possible for American Bombers and fighters to launch a counter-attack. From the Dutch East Indies it was reported a guerrilla campaign was being waged and fighting had been intensifying in recent days.

And that’s a small slice of what went on this June 22, 1942 as reported by the BBC World Service as relayed by Radio Australia.

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