John Foster Dulles

John Foster Dulles - ramping up the Red Scare.

June 24, 1955 – Ike Goes To New Hampshire – John Foster Dulles Addresses UN Gathering In San Francisco – The Sphere Of Soviet Influence.

John Foster Dulles
John Foster Dulles – ramping up the Red Scare.

June 24, 1955 – News For Now – 10th Anniversary Celebration Of UN – NBC Radio – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

June 24, 1955 – Last day of the 10th anniversary celebrations at the United Nations gathering in San Francisco, site of the first Conference which established the UN. On hand, several dignitaries and an address by Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, whose message pinpointed several areas of world tension, focusing blame on Soviet Russia and offering a three-point peace plan which called on the Soviet Union to recognize and observe the UN Charter, stop using force and stop subversion. Dulles went on the address the situation with a divided Germany which he said could not continue for too much longer. Dulles pointed out the east European countries, overrun by Nazi Germany during the war were now under Soviet domination, exchanging one authoritarian rule for another in violation of solemn international undertakings. Red China was seen as provoking unrest throughout Asia. Moscow characterized the speech as “rough stuff”.

In New Hampshire, President Eisenhower stopped off at a tourist center to meet and greet crowds before giving an address at the foot of Cannon Mountain to an audience of some 2500. He said that only a strong nation can cooperate with others in the cause of true world peace. He went on to say that weakness could not cooperate but only beg, that only strength could cooperate.

Directly after the newscast, a special on the final day of 10th anniversary celebrations was aired. Excerpts from the Dulles address were aired as were reflections and commentary, not only on the address but on the conference in general.

All that, for this 24th day of June in 1955 from NBC Radio News.

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