Pardon Us While We Blow Our Brains Out – Technical Glitches – Best Laid Plans – Past Daily Gets Wonky.

What's life without screwups?
What’s life without Screwups?

Dear Visitors/fans/patrons/relatives we’ve never met:

It happens from time to time – you try to do something interesting – or do something you were assured was a step in the right direction and all hell breaks loose.

Believe it or not, this was the weekend we were going to do our big Summer Patreon Subscriber Drive. Fourth of July – if you aren’t out creating your own holiday mayhem you are most likely home surfing; via the internet or Sling.

What better time to do a Fundraiser than now, right? That’s what I thought. But . . .

Seems our friends at Patreon have been doing some website changes – changes for the better, I’m sure. But for the moment, changes that raise eyebrows, hackles and blood-pressure. With a LOT of subsequent blubbering and hysterical e-mails from websites like ours, whose sites are being terrorized and assaulted and rendered variously useless in the name of progress.

Plugins that seem to have sick and twisted minds of their own – plugins that start scheduling posts from years ago all by themselves. Posts that suddenly appear all at once, to the tune of 2-300 at a pop. Glitches that make screens go blank and content disappear. Cheerful e-mails to subscribers, touting new posts for Past Daily a thousand times over – clogging mail boxes and causing irate subscribers to use colorful language and paint questionable pictures over the sheer magnitude of flotsam and jetsam descending on their screens.

Long story short – we’re dealing with it. Despite the snails-pace this Holiday weekend is bringing help, causes and cures – it will get fixed – and we’ll proceed with our much needed Fundraiser at some point – maybe next week or the week after.

But for now, we’re begging your indulgence and patience and know we’re not sending you a tsunami of junk e-mails on purpose, or making screens go blank because we think its funny.

It’s a mountain of frayed nerve endings and we’re right in the middle of it – so bear with us.

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