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Past Daily’s Patreon Summer Subscriber Drive – Now More Than Ever, A Little Goes A Long Way . . .Word!

Yes, looking for a few subscribers.Trying to be as painless as possible. Honest.

It’s not every day we get into doing this. In fact, we actually haven’t had a Subscriber Drive since long before the Pandemic. And the support we’ve gotten over the past few years from Subscribers and fans like you has been amazing. You are saving Past Daily every month and we wouldn’t be here without you.

I’m aiming this appeal at the people who have just discovered this website, or have been on the fence or are afraid your contribution wouldn’t make any difference.

I beg to differ with you. Every penny that comes in is hugely valuable. Every penny goes to rent and keeping the equipment up and running – we need all of you.

It costs a lot to keep Past Daily up and running. We’ve grown over the years. From having our first week of 14 posts to now having a library of well over 10,000 and counting – all searchable and all available. And as a subscriber, all downloadable, for free.

Past Daily is about a lot of things; history – Pop Culture – Music – People – everybody and everything that made some dent in our past, whether we remember them or not. The famous and notorious and the ones who just went about their business quietly changing lives.

And you get to witness it, every day – and ad free.

If you’re a regular here you’ll notice we don’t run ads anymore – they were obnoxious and people complained. Most of you thought they were a turnoff; loud and distracting and it wasn’t what Past Daily was about. We want you to stick around, go exploring, get turned on to new things or things you forgot about – you can’t do that with someone hounding you to buy something you don’t need.

I agreed with you and decided to abandon them. However, in abandoning the ads I had to rely on you more than ever to help keep us afloat.

And that’s why we’re appealing – we don’t want a lot – don’t want a few people to feel like they’re carrying everybody else. The price of a cup of coffee at Starbucks – once a month. That’s it.

A little bit once a month and it adds up. If I can get a couple hundred of you to chip in $5.00 a month that would help in a huge way – That’s all I’m asking.

Here’s all you have to do – click on the link (the banner down there) – Become A Patron.

Simple, easy and painless

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