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Low Hummer - Marc Riley session - 2022
Low Hummer – What is life without a Photobooth?

Low Hummer – in session for Marc Riley – July 11, 2022 – BBC 6 Music –

Low Hummer in session to start the week, literally recorded hours ago for the Marc Riley program at BBC 6 Music.

Maximum Volume‘s Andy Thorley ran a good bio on them in February of 2020, ironically just before the world went into lockdown:

Launching in late 2019, Low Hummer have firmly announced themselves as one of the next great bands from the region with a brace of ferocious yet hooky singles that have helped to strike up no small amount of hype for the Northern post-punk group.

Made up of members from across Hull’s nebulous DIY music scene, and led by guitarist and singer Dan Mawer, Low Hummer have thrown their various influences, inspirations and styles together to create a unique, bold and uncompromising sound that saw their second single featured on BBC 6 Music’s Roundtable in November and playlisted as the Recommends Track of the Week as well as earning them support from the likes of Huw Stephens, Dork, Gigwise, Clash and many more.

Produced by Matt Peel (Menace Beach, Pulled Apart By Horses, Crushed Beaks) at The Nave studio in Leeds, ‘The Real Thing’ sees the band pressing ahead with their desire to experiment and embrace more electronics as Mawer explains: “The Real Thing was a bit of experimenting in the studio with our producer Matt. We’ve released an electronic inspired song ‘Don’t You Ever Sleep’, as well as ‘I Choose Live News’ which was straight up post punk – This time we wanted to try and combine the two.”

Inspired by Sub Sub’s ‘Ain’t No Love’, the band stripped production down and took a minimalist approach that yielded some exciting results they likened to artists like Chemical Brothers. Taking the bones of this sparse electronic tune, the band performed it live and added their own unmistakable mix of effortless cool and furious energy to end up with their towering third single.

Making up for lost time, here they are on Marc Riley’s program, recorded and broadcast on July 11, 2022.

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