Past Daily’s Summer Fundraiser – Day One – Maybe We’re Being Too Subtle. Okay – We NEED YOUR HELP!

Leery laborers.
So the first day was a little disappointing. . . (Thank You Shorpy)

I’ll admit; even I had trouble finding out there was a Fundraiser going on. Seems we’ve been so quiet about it, nobody’s noticed. Well – we ARE having a fundraiser and we need your help. It’s not easy trying to keep something as unwieldy as Past Daily going on a seven-day-a-week basis, pumping out between 3 and 6 posts a day, without asking for a little support now and then. Bills need to get paid – equipment needs to get repaired – vault space needs to be paid for. It all adds up, and at the end of the day we always run short. So the repairs get put off until we can scrape enough together. Bills don’t often get paid on time and that can be a problem when you’re trying to keep your internet connection going and your provider dangles late fees at you. And the vault space is a nightmare – I’m always getting threats of liens and auctions and dumpsters. Makes for more than a few sleepless nights.

So for once in a great while we head out to the audience – you – the people who are reading this and waiting for the latest session or concert to post or mulling over today’s latest history installment or going exploring in the “rabbit hole” and playing what we’ve posted seven, eight or even ten years ago. And if you’re a Patron you can download it to your hard drive and start your own archive – there’s enough to keep you busy for a while. And yeah, we’ve been doing this for a while.

And no, we haven’t asked you for any support lately – not for the past three or so years. Everybody got burned out on the fundraiser; not just Past Daily but everyone with a website or blog. Sometimes that extra five bucks is just too much to let go of. I understand.

But I would like you to consider becoming a Patron – it’s really easy and you get to be part of something that I hope is doing some good in this somewhat skewed world.

And if you aren’t happy with Patreon there’s others – we have PayPal – Fractured Atlas and coming very soon, Buy Me A Coffee – all sites that are safe with no hassle and you can contribute for as long as you want, or only contribute for one month. It’s your choice.

These are crazy times, and certainly not the best of times – but these are times where you can help make a difference – maybe you think chipping in five of ten bucks to a website doesn’t really change the course of history – and maybe it doesn’t. But it does give you the opportunity to realize whatever is going on now has gone on before – the names, faces and circumstances are different, but the end result is the same. And knowing that can at least prepare you to make your own choices – puts you in the direction of changing the outcome.

I’m a big believer in education – it’s a strength and a compliment to the human spirit – I’m only one person, but it’s gratifying to know many thousands of you have stopped by or listened or subscribed – and we need to keep it going.

So please consider chipping in – takes no time at all – simple, straightforward and appreciated more than you can imagine. Just click on the link below (Become A Patron) and the rest happens by magic.

Over to you. I’m posting links to the other sites (PayPal,Fractured Atlas, Buy Me A Coffee), so keep an eye open.

Buy Me A Coffee

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