Hokkaido Raids - relentless attacks on the Home islands - reducing cities to flaming rubble.

July 13, 1945 – Objective: Hokkaido – Raiding The Home Islands.

Hokkaido Raids – relentless attacks on the Home islands – reducing cities to flaming rubble.

July 14, 1945 – Various Reports from Mutual Correspondents in Guam – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

July 14, 1945 – A steady stream of reports this day, all regarding the raids over the home islands of Japan. Hokkaido was one objective – the second day of raids succeeded in cutting rail lines but also destroying shipping and important supply lines to Kure, an important naval base which would be subjected to a series of raids later in the month.

Over 1000 US naval aircraft engaged in the raid on Hokkaido, the port of Kamaishi as well as the cities of Hakodati, Otaru, Abashiri, Kushiro, Asahigawa and Obihiro, all on Hokkaido. Also, the American battleships South Dakota, Indiana and Massachusetts, as well as 2 heavy cruisers and 4 destroyers, bombardwed the Kamaishi steel works in the first naval gunfire directed against the Japanese home islands.

In addition, American naval vessels bombard Muroran, the second biggest steel center in Japan, lying in Volcano Bay on the east side of the island of Hokkaido and American B-29 Superfortress bombers, based in the Marianna Islands, raided an oil refinery at Kudamatsu on Honshu Island while fighters and bombers from Okinawa attacked objectives on Kyushu and southern Honshu.

The next attack would be made by a joint American and British force against the city of Hitachi during the night of 17/18 July. Groups of cruisers and destroyers subsequently shelled the Nojima Saki area on 18 July, and Shionomisaki on the night of 24/25 July. On 29 July, American and British warships attacked Hamamatsu, and on the night of 30/31 several American destroyers shelled Shimizu. The final bombardment took place on 9 August, when Kamaishi was attacked again by American, British and New Zealand warships. Two US Navy submarines conducted small-scale attacks during June and July 1945; one of the submarines also landed a small raiding party.

The Allied naval bombardments disrupted industrial production in the cities targeted, and convinced many Japanese civilians that the war was lost. Up to 1,739 Japanese were killed in the attacks, and about 1,497 were wounded. The only Allied casualties were 32 Allied prisoners of war killed in the bombardments of Kamaishi.

Here are reports for July 13 from Mutual reporters and the latest Communiqué on the situation in the Pacific.

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