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Past Daily’s Occasional Fundraiser – Day 3 – Occupation: Hounding.

Pounding the message home – one headache at a time.

Day three and we’re lumbering along. Gotta say, the number of new subscribers is a little disappointing but it’s still early.

I know most of you want to wait for the last 30 seconds before diving in and contributing – makes me a nervous wreck but as long as we get our proverbial asses saved, I am thrilled.

A lot of you like what Past Daily is all about – you told me. Everybody likes something different about us – some of you love the music and the music is loaded with choices; the genres go all over the place; old music to very new music – you can focus on one of them or dive in and get the total experience. A lot of you love the history – that runs the gamut too. From every day of World War 2 to The Watergate Hearings to Political conventions to the day-to-day where nothing seemed to happen, but eventually everything did.

A lot of you like the people we feature in interviews – they run the gamut too. Politicians, musicians, writers, artists, poets, movers and shakers. Anybody with a story to tell in a place and time to tell it.

And there’s Pop Culture; people, places and things – missives about growing up, being a kid in the 1960s – struggling with adulthood in the 70s – people being people and life going on all over, sometimes at a million miles an hour.

It’s kind of a full plate – The Past Daily experience on a Daily basis – And all the posts we do are sitting in the archive for you do go in and discover on your own. It has been referred to as The Rabbit Hole – and I confess it is – 10,000 posts and counting with something new every day.

The great part is – when you become a subscriber you get the opportunity to download everything – all the music – all the sounds – all to your desktop or hard drive – all because you kick in as little as $5.00 a month and we get to say thank you every day all year long.

And the best part is, you have a bunch of choices – you can do Patreon – or you can do Buy Me A Coffee or you can do PayPal. It’s all your choice – but the deal is; you have to make the choice and it starts with you making the choice to support Past Daily and everything we do.

So please consider being part of The Past Daily Experience – chip what you can. It means an awful lot to us and we are forever grateful for your support.

Over to you:

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