Bastille day and a decidedly un-festive France.

July 14, 1942 – New Reports On Midway – Second Front; When? – Bastille Day: Not This Year.

Bastille day and a decidedly un-festive France.

News – July 14, 1942 – News of The World: Evening Edition – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

July 14, 1942 – News from all the fronts this day. From the Pacific came new reports about the Battle of Midway, revising earlier reports of Japanese losses as higher than originally reported – and American losses less than originally reported. As of this day, Japanese losses were listed as 20 Japanese ships, including 4 aircraft carriers were either sunk or damaged with a loss of about 4800 personnel. In contrast, the U.S. Navy temporarily lost the carrier Yorktown, put out of commission, as well as a destroyer torpedoed and sunk and the loss of 307 Navy personnel.

News from Europe tells of a new Nazi offensive in Russia along the Azof sea direct to the mouth of the River Don with Russian forces pulling back.

There was renewed eagerness on both sides of the Atlantic for the opening of a Second front now, if not sooner. Calls for a second front were prominent in Parliament as well as those from the average person on the London streets. Newspapers were featuring numerous stories of calls for a Second Front, saying the risks of doing nothing were greater than the risks of daring much. How much more difficult would it be if the entire Russian army collapsed and the Germany Army swung west again. As one German Army officer put it; “as long as Hitler chooses the time and the place of the battle, our side will continue to win”.

And the streets of Paris were quiet and empty this day. Bastille Day, the great National holiday in France passed in what was called “sinister silence”.

And that’s a little of what happened this July 14, 1942 as reported by News Of The World from NBC Radio.

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