Not here to bother you - really - honest - well . . .maybe.

Past Daily’s Summer Fundraiser – Day 4 – Take The Pledge Or Turn The Page.

Not here to bother you – really – honest – well . . .maybe.

Rolling into Day 4 of our Fundraiser and we’re here to remind you we’re still knee-deep in hounding you to chip in. One of the main reasons we stopped running advertising is the ads were so obnoxious and there were so many of them, it drove people away. And frankly, it drives me away whenever I visit a site I normally like and I wouldn’t want to subject anybody to the endless clickbait and repeat ads – and besides; for all that hassle, Ads only pay fractions of pennies, so it’s not worth it.

What is worth it is having an audience that likes what we’re all about and wants to come back everyday for more. Not to mention an audience who likes to go exploring through the 10,000+ articles and sound files we’ve posted so far. It’s been called The Rabbit Hole and that probably fits the description pretty well. You can definitely get lost in here – and that’s the point. I put these historic clips up everyday and have for the past ten years as a way of getting you interested in history. It’s important and finding out about things or being turned on to things is essential if you’re going to have even a moderately sane life.

All we’re asking from you, in exchange for making all these recordings available to you, is that you chip in what you can to help keep us going. Like I always say – it costs a lot to keep this thing afloat – writing articles, digitizing sound, keeping it all together. We need to take the pressure off and we have bills to pay.

Sometimes that’s not always possible. As some of you have pointed out to me on occasion I often misspell words or leave important points out or write too much off-the-cuff and tend to ramble. Sometimes doing everything all the time you make mistakes – not that I mean to, or I’m sloppy, but I do get exhausted every so often and forget to make a last minute spellcheck or read an article through to figure out if it sounds right.

It’s a full time gig – one that I love, but one that would be a whole lot better if bills were getting paid and equipment was getting fixed and the vault space was safe.

So every once in a while I have to do a Fundraiser to get caught up and stay caught up. I haven’t done one in over three years (before the Pandemic), so it’s a little overdue.

Do what you can – if you can’t, just tell your friends. Past Daily has been around for a while and will be around for a long time to come. We’d love your help and we’d love to be able to count you as one of the Angels Without Wings who have been so supportive through these years. You can join them – it’s real easy – click on one of the Three links and make your choice. Give as much or as little as you want, just as long as you contribute to help keep Past Daily alive and well and filling your ears with rarities and great sounds.

Till next time,

Buy Me A Coffee

In case you didn’t already know, we kicked off our Patreon Summer Subscription Drive a little while ago. So for the next week or so we’ll be getting down on bended knee, asking for your help and support by taking out a subscription to help keep Past Daily up and running. As a Patron you can download all the audio we have on the site, which you otherwise wouldn’t be able to do. So, for as little as $5.00 a month (a small Latté at Starbucks) you can keep us running, put your own archive together and listen to some amazing (and very rare) audio of just about everything you can think of from as far back as you can imagine. History is what we’re all about and turning you on to things you may not be familiar with or forgot about is what we like to do best.

All you have to do is click on the red link just below here and sign up. It’s easy, painless and does a world of good – and of course, we’ll love you for it.

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