July 19, 1942 – Mounting Pressure For A Second Front – Middle East Sand Storms – Domestic Labor Worries.

Sandstorm at Alamein
Not bad enough with a war going on – sand storms were also a constant.

July 19, 1942 – News Of The World – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

July 19, 1942 – Another day in the life of World War 2 – News of mounting pressure in Britain for a second front, with concerns that Russia may capitulate, allowing Germany the opportunity to concentrate on Europe and points West with a return to the Blitz only worse. The allies were sending a constant stream of equipment and supplies to the Eastern front, but German forces knocking out some of Russia’s vital resources were putting Moscow at a worse disadvantage, and the necessity for a Second Front was becoming critical.

Meanwhile, the situation in the Middle East was grinding along with the story regarding the prevailing sand storms plaguing both sides of the conflict getting attention this day. Stories of how sand is getting into everything, and zero visibility making strategic movements nearly impossible. How cleaning and maintaining machinery and ordinance was almost constant. There was also the story of the American Field Service and the evacuation of the wounded from the front lines and how their acts of heroism and continuous service were drawing praise from the allied forces for service above and beyond.

And back home where stepped up production for the war effort was going beyond expectations of Capitol Hill. But it was tempered with news of growing labor unrest and the possibility of walkouts and strikes causing concern that it may put a damper on the current high level of progress.

All that and so much more crammed into 15 minutes of reports and commentary from News Of The World via NBC Radio for July 19, 1942.

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