Raids Over Egypt

American Bombers Going After German Shipping near Tobruk. Cutting off much needed supplies.

July 29, 1942 – Raids Resume Over Britain – Raids Over Egypt – The Race Against Time On The Eastern Front

Raids Over Egypt
American Bombers Raid German Shipping near Tobruk. Cutting off much needed supplies.

July 29, 1942 – News Of The World – NBC – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

July 29, 1942 – News for this day was covering many fronts – all of them playing crucial roles in how the was being waged. News that British and American raids over Egypt and Libya and American raids on Germany shipping near Tobruk were scoring decisive victories in substantially slowing supplies to the German Army – the sinking of Cargo ships containing fuel for German tanks and trucks put a serious damper on Field Marshall Rommel’s plans and many felt this was a potential turning point for the war in the Middle East.

Over Britain, word that German bombers were resuming raids over London were promoting a morale boost among Londoners. Not the intended affect, but it only solidified Britain’s resolve to open a Second Front, with pressure increasing to strike Europe someplace, at the moment it didn’t matter where.

The news from the Eastern front was more dire than first thought. German troops were pressing on to Leningrad, but the Russians were offering stiff resistance and making some progress, but not enough to stem the tide, many observers felt. Aid to Russia was now considered a race against time, with every passing minute a crucial step in whether Russia would face defeat or not.

And news from the Pacific reported that Allied ground patrols were thwarting a potential attempt by the Japanese to invade Port Moresby and that they hit and forced back Japanese jungle patrols around Kokoda, 65 miles from Moresby. Though no details of the action were available at press time, reports indicated the Japanese patrols were “strong”, but went on to say there was no evidence to suggest those patrols were being reinforced.

And that’s a small slice of what happened, this July 29, 1942 as reported by NBC’s News Of The World.

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