Meanwhile - No let up in the Mediterranean.

August 3, 1942 – Author Waldo Frank Beaten By Terrorists In Argentina – Radio Moscow Predicts Invasion Of Europe This Year – War Production Forces Shortages On Makeup.

Meanwhile – No let up in the Mediterranean.

August 3, 1942 – News Of The World – NBC – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

August 3, 1942 – A busy day on all news fronts. Word from Argentina that American writer Waldo Frank was seriously beaten and rumored to have suffered brain damage when he was attacked by eight terrorists posing as Police. This, a day after Frank was politely asked to leave the country because of his vocal vehement anti-Nazi sentiments. The purported “police” were part of a pro-Nazi terrorist organization and were subsequently rounded up by Argentinian authorities. At news time, word was still surfacing of the attack and Frank’s condition.

Meanwhile, a Radio Moscow broadcast in German and beamed at the Berlin audience, Soviet commentators loudly predicted an American and British invasion of continental Europe “sometime” in 1942. The announcer ran a staggering number of men and machines poised to set foot in France, presumably all for the purpose of sending chills of fear up and down the spines of listening Germans. Both the British and American high commands reiterated their positions that a Second Front would happen, but not until they were ready.

And raids by allied bombers continued off the Egyptian and Libyan coasts, striking several more German supply ships and other vessels. Allied raids were also continuing inland, with German positions suffering heavy losses of equipment and trucks in all-night raids.

News from Washington continued to be about shortages and production. On the labor front, the shortage of Steel was threatening to shut down War production in the U.S. – rumors that the Chrysler Tank production factory was facing a shutdown and the layoff of some 500 workers for an indefinite period if the Steel situation wasn’t settled soon. Oldsmobile a manufacturer of Ordinance material for the Army was cutting from a seven-day a week schedule to six days a week. However, the War Production Board said there was no actual steel shortage. And the shortage situation was now threatening the Cosmetics industry, with face powder high on the upcoming ration list. The threat now prompted calls for Women to conserve makeup and make-do.

And that’s a little of what went on, this August 3rd 1942 as presented by NBC’s News Of The World.

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