1967 - Summer of Many Things

When the world became Psychadelisized. Summer Of Love, among many things.

The Great Radio Documentaries – “You’ll Never Be Sixteen Again” – Episode 4: 1967-1969 – Past Daily Pop Chronicles.

1967 - Summer of Many Things
When the world became Psychadelisized. Summer Of Love, among many things.

You’ll Never Be Sixteen Again – Episode 4: “Hello, I Love You” – Narrated by John Peel – BBC Radio 1 – 1983 –

Episode Four in the groundbreaking series “You’ll Never Be Sixteen Again”, narrated by John Peel and produced for BBC Radio 1 in 1983.

1967 was most definitely a turning point year for many teenagers, and those who were wandering into young adulthood. It was, for many people, the same experience on both sides of the Atlantic – but maybe for different reasons. The drug culture was gaining ground – free love (or at least the abandoning of various social stigma surrounding sex) was becoming an idea whose time had come – hair grew, clothes were optional, women’s skirts were raised to new heights. Everyone was on some quest for deep inner personal meaning. Meditation and Eastern Philosophy were becoming wildly popular, thanks in no small part to The Beatles and the introduction of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi on to the world stage. And the world was engulfed in clouds – if not clouds of marijuana smoke, then clouds of incense which seemed to burn in every bedroom in every house in, not only suburban America, but also in Greater London. We became enchanted by the fantastic – enthralled by the unexplained – in love with just about everyone.

Or so it seemed.

While part of America was having its mind blown by Jimi Hendrix, Cream and Sgt. Pepper, it was also a time of great social upheaval of the urban kind. For while there were love ins in just about every city in the U.S. (as well as the free world) – there was also considerable unrest in the streets of Detroit and New York and Washington D.C. – the clouds of incense were obscured by clouds of smoke from burning liquor stores and urban decay. It was an epiphany of contrasts – sometimes within blocks of each other.

While Britain, or at least the older generation of British Society, were grappling over what to do with this tsunami of teenagers and this growing sense of dominance in the order of things cultural and spiritual. There was also the growing air of protest – the vocal demand for change. Both in America and Britain an anti-war movement was gathering strength and numbers. In America, the daily reports of casualties and the growing question as to why we were in Vietnam was a rallying cry for those teenagers were who were facing the Draftboard and military service once they turned 18. And the sentiment for ending the Vietnam War was also felt in Britain.

It was everything, all at once – and when we weren’t bewildered we were amazed. We also knew it wasn’t going to last forever.

Here is Episode 4 of “You’ll Never Be Sixteen Again” – subtitled: “Hello, I Love You”.

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