Hey Colossus - in Session for Marc Riley

Hey Colossus - not content to be confined to the moniker of "sludge metal". They have a few more things to say.

Hey Colossus – In Session – 2022 – Past Daily Soundbooth

Hey Colossus - in Session for Marc Riley
Hey Colossus – not content to be confined to the moniker of “sludge metal”. They have a few more things to say.

Hey Colossus – in session for Marc Riley – BBC 6 Music – August 10, 2022 – BBC 6 Music –

Hey Colossus in session for Marc Riley tonight. Recorded earlier today.

From Wikipedia in case you don’t already know:

Hey Colossus formed in London in 2003. Since its inception, the band has undergone several lineup changes, revolving around founding members Joe Thompson and Robert Davis. It was formed by childhood friends Joe Thompson and Robert Davis in 2003, together with Ian Scanlon, Tim Hall and James Parker. Their debut album, Hey Colossus Hates You, was released on the band’s own Jonson Family label in 2004. They have since released a further ten studio albums and various splits, singles and EPs on a number of labels.

By 2008, the lineup had stabilised around Thompson and Davis together with vocalist Paul Sykes, drummer Rhys Llewellyn, and guitarists Jonathan Richards and Tim Farthing. This incarnation would produce some of the band’s most stylistically diverse work.

Following the departure of Richards, Hey Colossus were joined by Tim’s brother Roo Farthing for the 2017 album The Guillotine, their most refined and politicized record to date.

In July 2018, Hey Colossus played a 15th anniversary show at the Moth Club in Hackney, London. A limited-edition live album was available to buy on the night.

A twelfth album, titled Four Bibles, was released in May 2019 on ALTER. This was followed the next year by the 75-minute double album Dances/Curses, released on bass player Joe Thompson’s Wrong Speed Records in the UK, and Learning Curve in the US. Featuring guest vocals by Mark Lanegan on lead song The Mirror, Dances/Curses was named 2020 Album Of The Year by The Quietus.

Hey Colossus’ early output can be classified as sludge metal with elements of noise rock. Each new record has seen the band embrace wider influences while retaining the ‘heavy’ sound that has become their trademark.

Today, the band’s music combines elements of noise rock, post-punk, hardcore punk, sludge metal, drone music, electronic music, psychedelic rock and krautrock.

There you have it – dive in!

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