Louis Armstrong - Pops got it rolling.

Louis Armstrong And The All Stars – Live In London – 1968 – Past Daily Downbeat.

Louis Armstrong – Pops got it rolling.

Louis Armstrong and The All-Stars – Live in London – July 2, 1968 – BBC Light Programme –

Louis Armstrong for a deep-catalogue dive and window on musical history this weekend. Together with his All-Stars – comprising of Joe Muranya, clarinet, Tyree Glenn on Trombone and vocals – Marty Napoleon on Piano, Buddy Catlett on bass, Danny Barcelona, drums and Jewel Brown on vocals. All together for a one-hour gig at the BBC on July 2, 1968.

Without question, the Jazz world owes much to the talents of Louis Armstrong as one of the key figures in the development and growth of Jazz in the early part of the 20th century. And that New Orleans was the starting place.

Although many lay claim to just who was responsible for Jazz as a genre and art form, Louis Armstrong was probably the most visible and active throughout his life. And even though styles and points-of-view changed over the years – with Armstrong getting his fair share of criticism and brickbats for speaking out against the paths Jazz was taking after World War 2, with Bop being singled out and referred to as “Chinese Music”. He would draw counter-claims and criticisms for being hopelessly old-fashioned and stuck in the past. Still, Louis Armstrong was one of the cornerstones witnesses and there was no denying it.

His popularity endured, and spread even further to the mainstream as he dabbled in Pop and secured a string of hits, including the iconic “What A Wonderful World” – a song which came about at the height of social divisions in the 1960s.

But his roots were deep in Jazz, particularly the Jazz of New Orleans and it would serve as his calling card throughout his career and all over the world.

And for an example, here is a concert Louis Armstrong did at the BBC in London on July 2, 1968.

Crank it up.

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