And Pakistan's seemingly endless conflict with India over Kashmir.

May 19, 1963 – Muhammad Zafarullah Khan Meets The Press – Talks About Pakistan – Talks About The UN.

And Pakistan’s seemingly endless conflict with India over Kashmir.

NBC Radio – Meet The Press – Muhammad Zafarulla Khan – May 19, 1963 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

Among so many other things, 1963 was a significant year in Asia. The conflict between Pakistan and India over the disputed territory known as Kashmir. India’s conflict with China and the financial crisis that was befalling the United Nations.

At the center of this series of crises was Muhammad Zafarullah Khan, the former Prime Minister to Pakistan and President of the United Nations General Assembly. The occasion of this interview was his meeting in New York with members of the UN over the financial crisis the organization was facing. Much of it had to do with lack of contributions in the form of dues via the member nations. And much of it was the financial drain the UN was experiencing over peace-keeping missions to The Congo.

As for the latest India-Pakistan flareup over Kashmir, the foreign ministers of India and Pakistan – Swaran Singh and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto – held talks under the auspices of the British and Americans regarding the Kashmir dispute. The specific contents of those talks were not disclosed, but no agreement was reached. In the talks, “Pakistan signified willingness to consider approaches other than a plebiscite and India recognized that the status of Kashmir was in dispute and territorial adjustments might be necessary.

A little background on Muhammad Zafarulla Khan – Muhammad Zafarullah Khan was a Pakistan based diplomat and jurist who served as Pakistan’s 1st Foreign Minister. After performing at the post of Foreign Ministry, it became only Pakistani and 1st Asian to head World Court, also called ‘International Court of Justice.’

As of 1st Foreign Minister of Pakistan, he addressed Pakistan’s Constituent Assembly leading to the passing of Objectives Resolution. This Resolution that combined constituents of both Islamic democracy and Western Pakistan is among the most important documents in Pakistan’s constitutional history. It was prepared to give all Pakistani citizens equal rights irrespective of their background, religion, race, or creed.

Here is that appearance on Meet The Press for May 19, 1963 from NBC Radio.

Muhammad Zafarullah Khan – widely respected and admired political leader.

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