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Sea Power - In Session for Marc Riley - 2022
Sea Power – after several name changes, this one seems to have stuck.

Sea Power – in session for Marc Riley – BBC 6 Music – August 24, 2022 – BBC 6 Music –

Sea Power, in session for Marc Riley at BBC 6 Music tonight. Recorded on August 24 and broadcast live.

Sea Power, or British Sea Power, or British Air Power – going through a series of name changes, partly because of Political blow-back and partly because the names didn’t seem to work.

Sea Power has, for the time being, stuck. Sea Power’s original lineup consisted of Scott Wilkinson, known as Yan (vocals, guitar), Neil Hamilton Wilkinson, known as Hamilton (bass guitar, vocals, guitar), Martin Noble, known as Noble (guitar) and Matthew Wood, known as Wood (drums). Eamon Hamilton (keyboards, vocals, percussion, guitar) joined the band in autumn 2002. He left in 2006 and was subsequently replaced by Phil Sumner (cornet, keyboards), with Abi Fry (viola) joining the band in 2008.

The wide-ranging nature of the band’s material has led critics to liken their sound to a variety of groups, from The Cure and Joy Division to Pixies and Arcade Fire. The band are famed for their live performances, the unusual lyrical content of their songs and the adventurous choice of locations for some of their shows.

On Monday 9 August 2021, the band announced that they would henceforth be known as Sea Power due to “a rise in a certain kind of nationalism in this world – an isolationist, antagonistic nationalism that [they] don’t want to run any risk of being confused with.”, and that their new album, Everything Was Forever, would be released in February 2022.

To get an idea what they are up to now, here is their latest session for Marc Riley at BBC 6 Music to crank up and give a listen.

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