100 Subscribers On Partreon

100 Subscribers On Patreon!


100 Subscribers On Partreon
100 Subscribers On Patreon!

Well, we hit a goal today – we’ve reached 100 subscribers via Patreon. 100 of you believe what we’re doing is worth supporting.

We couldn’t be happier!

It takes an amazing amount of work everyday to keep Past Daily up and running. Between writing, digitizing, re-sizing photos and digging through my vaults for materials, it’s an all-day/every-day job and it goes on well after midnight every night.


Because we believe, as the 100 subscribers also believe, that history is important – it’s important to know about people and events that have shaped and informed our lives.

To our 100 subscribers and all the people who chip in what they can every month, we’re grateful an thankful beyond words. You are part of the solution and you are making a huge difference.

If Past Daily has done something to inform you of the repetitive nature of History or you’re hearing something you’ve never heard before -we’ve done our job. Being aware of our history, all of our history, is vitally important in this life. Finding new things by way of music or Pop Culture or by way of a person whose voice you’e never heard before is something we strive for every day.

We believe it’s incumbent upon every human being on this planet to stay curious, ask questions, hear points of view and make up your own mind. We play no favorites and take no sides because it’s crucial you know everything before you decide. We’re here to help – we want to be part of the solution and not the problem and thanks to those of you who are supporting what Past Daily has been doing these past few years. We’ll keep doing it.

So we get to celebrate today and give thanks to those who have contributed to keep us up and running. And if you haven’t chipped in yet, now is as good a time as any to join and be part of this wonderful club.

We take a bow and pass it over to you.

As you know, we’ve suspended indefinitely our ads in order to make Past Daily a better
experience for you without all the distractions and pop-ups. Because of that, we’re relying more on your support through Patreon to keep us up and running every day. For as little as $5.00 a month you can make a huge difference as well as be able to download all of our posts for free (news, history, music). You’ll see a banner just below. Click on that and become a subscriber – it’s easy, painless and does a world of good.

Liked it? Take a second to support Past Daily on Patreon!

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