It’s August 26, 1971 -You’re A Teenager – You’re In L.A. – It’s Your Last Week Of Freedom Before School Starts.

Exhibit A: Last weekend of Freedom

August 26, 1971 – Dave Diamond – KRLA – Rob Frankel Collection –

What happened? A minute ago it was June – you had a whole summer ahead of you. You were checking out waves at County Line. You blinked.

It turned into the last week of August. You missed it – or maybe you didn’t miss it but you don’t remember. You met somebody, she lives in Simi Valley. You got her number and you were going to see her. You don’t remember.

Why is it? Vacations are nanoseconds – School is eternity. That’s not fair. Did you lose her number? Maybe if you called her . . .

It’s a dream – it’s gotta be a dream. Real life doesn’t move this fast. Maybe you fell and hit your head – maybe you’ve been out in the sun too long. Could be anything – you just know in the deepest recesses of your soul that it ain’t August.

What did you do all Summer? Nothing – well, not nothing. You remember hitching on PCH just about every morning – maybe that was last year? You always spend Summer at the beach, except for that Summer when you worked at Chicken Delight – the one on La Cienega where the place exploded and you wound up in the hospital. That was your last job. Employment has been too risky for you – you’ve never been good around a timeclock. Kitchen utensils are your enemy and they know it.

Maybe if you wrapped yourself up in a towel and fell asleep – you’d wake up and it’d be June again. Couldn’t hurt. You toss the towel over you and bury your head between your knees and listen to the ocean – calm ocean – peaceful ocean; no waves – seagulls. Yeah, it’s working – clear your mind. Yeah, that’s it. Think about nothing.

Wait – you hear a radio. Somebody’s got a radio on – it’s loud – it’s like right next to you. Son of a bitch. It IS August!

Your life is ruined – you missed Summer – missed the whole thing. School is going to be forever. One big Dental Appointment.

Just wait.

And while you’re contemplating the vagaries of time, here’s an hour’s worth of Dave Diamond from KRLA on August 26, 1971.

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