New type of warfare - old type of war.

New type of warfare - old type of war.
New type of warfare – old type of war.

– NBC News Of The World – August 29, 1942 – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

News for this day in 1942 had much to do with the War in the Pacific and the Eastern front.

With the Solomon Islands campaign underway, U.S. troops were busily solidifying their positions on land, while Naval forces were busily fending off waves of attacking Japanese planes.

Reports were purposely vague – censorship was heavy, but the gist was U.S. forces were making progress in the Pacific war, but their gains were hard-won. Japanese air losses were reported as heavy, with older planes being tossed into the mix, further signifying the Japanese were rapidly exhausting their supply of fresh hardware.

From Australia came news of success in beating back Japanese invasion forces at Milne Bay. Australian Infantry and Militia forces were given full credit for smashing the invaders, while U.S. and Australian planes were busy supplying support, destroying Japanese ships and isolating the Japanese forces.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world – British bombers staged raids on the German cities of Nuremberg and Saarbrücken, and lost 30 bombers in the process. On the British home front; complaints about black marketeers and government entrapment of potential rationing violators made the rounds in the press. The motives of the agents provocateurs were criticized. News of the imminent hanging of six Irishmen, accused of firing shots at a constable in Belfast and killing him were raising calls of clemency for fear this would trigger a new wave of violence in Northern Ireland, while others argued the sentences of hanging were justified.

From Moscow came reports of continued aerial bombings of Stalingrad with fresh German troops thrown into the battle. The Russian army hadn’t yielded an inch in the previous 24 hours, increasing their counterattacks while women and children in Stalingrad put out fires and kept the city functioning as fighting continued and intensified. Moscow vowed the German Army would never cross the Volga, and by the ferocity of their resistance and counterattacks, they were serious.

And that’s just some of what the Pacific and the rest of the world, for that matter was going through, this August 29th in 1942 as delivered by NBC’s News Of The World.

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