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August 30, 1951 – “Resumption Of Armistice Talks Seems No Longer Possible” – McCarthy Vows To Quit If He Can’t Find Communists – The Decay Of Integrity.

38th Parallel
Korea – Armistice talks seemed remote, at best.

August 30, 1951 – Edward R. Murrow And The News – CBS Radio – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

August 30, 1951 – The war in Korea was dragging on – possibilities of the resumption of Armistice talks were remote – charges and counter-charges of violations in the Demilitarized zone and North Korea voicing complaints to the UN over American bombers dropping flares over Chinese and North Korean positions.

Despite the seeming stalemate of things on the ground, General Ridgeway offered an upbeat assessment of recent actions; that waves of Chinese attacks were being repelled and attacks on North Korean supply lines was having the desired results.

Meanwhile, former President Hoover issued a stinging assessment of the current state of affairs in America. In an address given earlier this day in Iowa. The former President said “we are now witnessing a decay in integrity and rotting of patriotism in public life”. He expressed dismay over the disclosures of dishonesty in high places and added “we may commit suicide from within by complacence with evil, by public tolerance of scandalous behavior or by cynical acceptance of dishonor”. He did add that moral indignation was “on the march again”.

Senator Joseph McCarthy told a gathering of Veterans of Foreign Wars that he’d like to let his charges against Secretary of State Dean Acheson and Ambassador Jessup be heard by a Jury. He said he would then resign if he failed to prove there were “Communists and stooges of the Kremlin in the State Department”.

All that, and a lot more for this August 30, 1951 as reported by Edward R. Murrow And The News.

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