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Porridge Radio - Marc Riley Session
Porridge Radio – is what happens when you take things slow and methodically.

Porridge Radio – in session for Marc Riley – BBC 6 Music – September 1, 2022 – BBC Radio –

Porridge Radio to end out the week (and get ready for the holiday weekend). One of the pleasant surprises from the DIY movement and further evidence when you take things slow and methodical and get it right, things work out amazingly well. This is a session they did for Marc Riley at BBC 6 Music only a day or so ago. I’ve heard them before in another session, also for Marc Riley in 2019 but this one struck me as matured and accomplished. Which goes to prove that working on a craft isn’t something that achieves results overnight – and the twists and turns a band goes through to get to that place where they can say “we’re ready” is filled with worthwhile and priceless experiences.

For me, that’s always been one of the great pleasures, listening to new bands on their way up. It gives a sense of joy and accomplishment while hearing the process unfold. Nothing like it.

Porridge Radio was started by Dana Margolin, who prior to starting the band was attending open mics and songwriting in her bedroom. She formed Porridge Radio as a way to express herself by using inspiration from the sea and her seaside home of Brighton. The band was formed with Maddie Ryall on bass, Georgie Stott on keyboard, and Sam Yardley on drums in 2015.

They announced signing to US independent label Secretly Canadian in December 2019. In January 2020, they announced their second album and their label debut, Every Bad, which was released on 13 March 2020 to critical acclaim. Later that year they released three singles; “Good For You” was co-released on 2 July 2020 with the artist Lala Lala, “7 Seconds” was released on 14 September 2020, and “The Last Time I Saw You (O Christmas)” was released on 8 December 2020.

Bookmark them and keep checking them out on a regular basis – I suspect more surpises.

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