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September 7, 1994 – Northern Ireland Ceasefire Takes Hold – UN Abortion Compromise Threatens To Derail – President Clinton Returns To Work.

Northern Ireland Ceasefire – Holding breath, fingers crossed, celebrating kicks in.

September 7, 1994 – CBS World News Roundup – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

September 7, 1994 – Busy news day around the world. At the UN Population Conference, several Latin-American countries joined the Vatican in opposing Abortion language in the 20 year plan for curbing population growth. The move threatened to derail the conference, which had offered language permitting safe abortions in those countries that allowed them. That language could render the plan null and void. In the meantime, the Conference was working on compromise language that would allow the plan to move forward – all this to be accomplished within a few days before the scheduled vote.

And Northern Ireland was in the news, this time with news of the IRA Ceasefire taking hold and Britain pulling back its Security level. The move was given full support from Washington. The move comes after the IRA declared a ceasefire on September 1st:

“Recognising the potential of the current situation and in order to enhance the democratic process and underlying our definitive commitment to its success, the leadership of the IRA have decided that as of midnight, 31 August, there will be a complete cessation of military operations. All our units have been instructed accordingly.
At this crossroads the leadership of the IRA salutes and commends our volunteers, other activists, our supporters and the political prisoners who have sustained the struggle against all odds for the past 25 years. Your courage, determination and sacrifice have demonstrated that the freedom and the desire for peace based on a just and lasting settlement cannot be crushed. We remember all those who have died for Irish freedom and we reiterate our commitment to our republican objectives. Our struggle has seen many gains and advances made by nationalists and for the democratic position.

We believe that an opportunity to secure a just and lasting settlement has been created. We are therefore entering into a new situation in a spirit of determination and confidence, determined that the injustices which created this conflict will be removed and confident in the strength and justice of our struggle to achieve this”.

Not the same could be said in Sarajevo as Serb gunfire continued to pound the city and cause another suspension in a UN Aid Flight. The move was in direct violation of another UN-brokered ceasefire and, one which the UN appeared powerless to enforce.

And that’s just a small slice of what went on, this September 7, 1994 as reported by The CBS World News Roundup.

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