Deep Purple - once laid claim to "Loudest Band In The World" - (Thanks Ed Cruwys for the photo)

Deep Purple – once laid claim to “Loudest Band In The World” – (Thanks Ed Cruwys for the photo)

– Deep Purple – In Concert – July 6, 1974 – BBC Radio 1 In Concert Series –

Deep Purple in concert from 1974 tonight with Deep Purple, a band who once took credit for the claim to be the “Loudest Band In The World”.

Well, a lot of bands were claiming that in the early 70s – and it probably speaks volumes about the massive loss of hearing most people of a “certain age” are experiencing now. The sign of a good concert in the late 60s and early 70s usually meant how many days after your ears were still ringing. Some people cheated by getting very close to the stage and practically climbing into the monitors – some of that was no doubt drug inspired, but the bottom line was just how profound a sonic experience you had when you wandered into the concert hall for a night of lung-rumbling rock n’ roll. If you were drained, incoherent and vacant, the show was a success.

And Deep Purple were, admittedly, high on the list. Before the days of infinite sub-genres in rock, Deep Purple were considered Hard Rock; flat-out – no glam, no heavy-metal, no psych. Just hard, thumping, head-banging Rock. Although a journalist did once label them “The Ultimate Sweat-Band”.

And even though there were forays into Progressive territory, they maintained their roots and never stopped cranking out anthems (i.e. Smoke On The Water) to legions of diehard fans, who filled stadiums and arenas all over the world.

Over the years, lineups changed and articles proclaimed them the epitome of Heavy Metal. But they were still, as always, a Hard Rock band – cranking it out and cranking it raw. With the inimitable Jon Lord at the helm and a veritable who’s who of bandmates passing through the ranks; Deep Purple were one of the pivotal bands during the upheaval years of the early 70s, and who became highly influential for a fleet of bands to come along later.

Tonight it’s a concert during the height of their huge popularity – recorded by the BBC for their weekly Radio 1 Program, In Concert, Deep Purple turn out a turbo-charged set, which more than justifies the claim they were the Loudest Rock Band in The World.

Maybe you don’t need to crank it up so loud this time – but have a listen and see what you think. And if you aren’t familiar or never heard of them; time to broaden your horizons and dig a bit of history.

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