Stalingrad - fighting so intense victories were judged by decimated furniture.

September 22-23,1942 – Stalingrad: House-To-House, Door-To-Door, Inch-by-Inch.

Stalingrad – fighting so intense victories were judged by decimated furniture.

September 22-23, 1942 – News Of The World – NBC Red and Blue Network – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

September 22-23, 1942 – It wasn’t all about Stalingrad, these two days 80 years ago, but it might as well have been. Stalingrad was witness to some of the most vicious fighting between German and Soviet forces so far in the war. Reports from Moscow tried to give a clear picture, but reports were coming in creating confusion over what was happening on the ground.

Meanwhile, reports of German attacks on Allied shipping in the north went from Germans claiming the sinking of a number of Allied supply ships heading to Russia, to an intense barrage of anti-aircraft fire taking a considerable toll on German fighters and bombers.

From Britain, relative quiet but a sense that something “big” was going to happen. It was disclosed that there were enough airfields around England to support practically all the allied Air forces and that it was possible, over a period of months, that Germany would be defeated solely from the air. Even so, there were those who believed it was still a land war and an urge for a second front was becoming crucial, should things go differently on the Eastern front. But from reports, it was hard to tell.

Over to the Pacific for news of more raids on Port Moresby and successes by Australian fighters scoring a number of Japanese planes as a result of new high altitude fighters being introduced by the allies.

And in the States – news about the Selective Service and lowering the draft age in order to bring up troop numbers. On Capitol Hill, legislation introduced to give President Roosevelt unprecedented power in his efforts to increase defense as well as create a universal Draft law. Lawmakers were busy working on price control legislation, and in the midst of much debate, the measure was expected to pass in the coming day. Even so, there was concern rationing of Dairy products was expected to be announced soon and enacted short after because of the rapidly decreased production of milk. And along with that, news of what was going to be the first “ersatz food product” introduced to the American market – sausage was to be the first food product made from soy beans.

And that’s only fraction of the stories being covered over these two days of reports via NBC Radio for September 22nd and 23rd, 1942.

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