Bombers in action - In Burma, some flew as low as 30 feet to hit targets.

October 3, 1942 – Red Army Advances – Allied Bombers Over Burma – Sweeping Changes On Capitol Hill

Bombers in action – In Burma, some flew as low as 30 feet to hit targets.

October 3, 1942 – News Of The World – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

October 3, 1942 – Busy day on the war fronts. Allied bombers, some flying as low as 30 feet hitting Japanese targets in Burma without the loss of a single Allied plane – the Battle Of Stalingrad was seeing Red Army advances and reports that between 2-3,000 German troops were killed in action daily. Still, fighting around Stalingrad was continuing to be house-to-house with the Russian army ousting German troops at a steady rate. Reports from Izvestia claimed a column of German tanks, attacking a Workers Development at Stalingrad were forced to retreat under withering Red Army Artillery fire along with snipers from surrounding rooftops claiming the majority of one German company.

Royal Air Force bombers continued their successful daylight raids over German industrial centers with a series of night raids over the Rhineland and Liege. Reports of the Nazi arrest of former French Premier Heriot, who refused to join the Vichy government was speculated as an attempt by Laval to remain in the good graces of Berlin who were not very happy with the low number of French workers Berlin asked for to fill in for losses at various factories around Germany.

Awards and recognition was being given to the surviving members of the Dieppe Raid, although one newspaper criticized the raid as unnecessary and claimed the “controllable zeal on the parts of some Canadian troops” were at least partly responsible for the heavy losses of Allied troops.

And news from Washington disclosed President Roosevelt attached his signature on a sweeping new anti-inflation bill, giving him the most authority than any other President in American History. The bill gave FDR unprecedented power to fix farm prices and to control the wages and salaries of every person in the country. The President was expected to announce the new law was to immediately go into effect. The details weren’t known at news time, but were expected to be revealed later on in the day.

And that’s just a sample of what went on today, October 3, 1942 as reported by NBC’s News Of The World.

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