If Stalingrad is lost, so is all hope.

October 5, 1942 – “The Whole World Is Watching Stalingrad” – A Million Fire Watchers – Good News From New Guinea

If Stalingrad is lost, so is all hope.

October 5, 1942 – News Of The World – Morning and Evening Editions – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

October 5, 1942 – News from Moscow on the continuing desperate battle of Stalingrad. Reports claimed that once Germany took Stalingrad, the next objective would be Moscow and all would, in effect, be lost. So the fighting continued at nonstop feverish pitch, with Red Army advances and German Army casualties mounting. A dim and noisy shortwave report from Moscow said Stalingrad would be held at all costs. Pravda was quoted as saying “the whole world is watching Stalingrad” and that the Red Army was responding with greater force than ever in beating back the German incursion.

Meanwhile, reports from London that food shortages in Germany forced Berlin to pillage nearby occupied and neutral countries for much-needed foodstuff, despite and address from Göring that all were well-fed in the Reich. Over the weekend, some 1 million London women registered for Firewatch duty. Other news from London indicated price-gouging and racketeering were widespread in the area of living accommodations, since many homes were destroyed during the Blitz. Fines and prosecution were assured, but the victims had to report the activity.

On the Pacific front – good news from New Guinea. It was officially confirmed that Australian troops were making considerable progress and were coming close to retaking all the lost ground the Japanese took on their drive to Port Moresby. It was also confirmed that Australian fighters were busy strafing the Japanese line of retreat – no other word was given.

And fighting was continuing without pause on Guadalcanal along with reports from Kiska in the Aleutian Islands indicated American bombers were repeatedly hitting Japanese targets and shipping.

And that’s a sample of what was going on, this 5th day of October in 1942 as reported by NBC’s News Of The World and News Of The World Night Edition.

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