Eastern Front - no respite, no letup.

October 6, 1942 – Word From The Eastern Front: War Raging Without Respite – A Wave Of Sabotage In Norway – America On The Offensive.

Eastern Front – no respite, no letup.

October 6, 1942 – NBC News Of The World – Gordon Skene Sound Collection –

October 6, 1942 – News from the Eastern Front by way of Moscow reported on the Battle of Stalingrad. According to Pravda, there was no letup and no respite. Reaction to Stalin’s statement on a Second Front drew much enthusiasm and some dismay from Military leaders, who were busily being lampooned in the Soviet Press.

From Norway came word of a wave of sabotage, prompting the Nazi government to order crackdowns on public gatherings of any kind as well as transportation to be used only for Germany military and a curfew in effect between 8pm and 5am. They also brought in a member of the Norwegian Gestapo to handle all affairs in the Trondheim district, where the sabotage had occurred. There was also trouble brewing in Denmark and speculation was the treatment being given Norway was about to happen as well for Denmark (crackdowns on public gatherings and curfews).

From Washington – reports that the U.S. was now on the offensive along the entire Pacific battle front; from Guadalcanal to The Aleutians. A dramatic turnaround from only a few months earlier when American losses were high and Japanese troops were invading U.S. possessions and threatening the West Coast of the U.S. – other news reported that Five Japanese troops were captured by American forces and were being sent to West Coast prison camps. The captured troops were believed to be the first captured in the Northwest and the first captured on American soil. Military sources were speculating that Japan was readying a major counterattack on the Solomons in an attempt to regain Guadalcanal. No conclusive proof, but anything was possible under the constantly changing circumstances both on the Pacific front and the Eastern front.

And that’s just a small slice of what happened, this October 6, 1942 as reported by NBC’s News Of The World.

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