The Linda Lindas - further evidence the future is in good hands.

The Linda Lindas – Live At Pitchfork 2022 – Past Daily Backstage Pass

The Linda Lindas – further evidence the future is in good hands.

The Linda Lindas – Live at Pitchfork 2022 – Recorded August 11, 2022 – Soundboard

The Linda Lindas this weekend – one of the reasons the future is in good hands. I remember seeing them, it seems like only a few weeks ago, at a gig in the L.A. Public Library. Four girls, the oldest being 18 and youngest being 12, playing their hearts out, holding nothing back, enjoying the ride for all it’s worth – scorching honesty from a bunch of kids who are doing it for the complete and total love of music and pumping out endless quantities of sheer energy – and along with it, boundless conviction and joy.

And a little over a year later, I heard from friends tell me they killed it at The Hollywood Bowl earlier this week. That didn’t surprise me – their videos going viral doesn’t surprise me either – their across-the-board fanbase doesn’t surprise me at all. There are bands that you love so much and want so badly to succeed and you want everyone on earth to feel the same way about them you do. For all intents and purposes, all of L.A. feels that way about The Linda Lindas. It’s nice when you have an entire city rooting for your success.

They’ve got this thing down – non-stop punk energy infused with an awful lot of love and serious attitude. The result is infectious and its been ringing applause and support from a wide range of music figures on the West Coast.

Just my opinion, but these four girls are perfect examples for other girls who wonder if life is loaded with possibilities – that you can do whatever ever you choose to do – and as long as you’re honest and the music you play is from the heart and you follow your own path and not fall into one of the many mainstream traps lurking out there. That’s it’s more than okay to be real, it’s encouraged – it’s imperative.

They do make me wish I had kids. I guess I’ll pretend The Linda Lindas are my adopted daughters – me and the rest of L.A.

Enjoy the gig. Oh, and head over to their website and load up on albums and swag.

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